Cedar siding give the house an elegant look

Die Cottage ist aus Zedern Holz gebaut.
Von Frühling bis Herbst erreicht die Sonne bereits am frühen Morgen die großzügige Terrasse
Hat eine sehr grosse Terrasse mit Sitzgelgeneheiten.
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The exterior of the cottage is completely covered in cedar siding. A large veranda offers lots of sitting space.

The haus is fully insolated to keep out the heat in the summer. It is hooked up to the local community water supply.

A small franklin stoves makes it possible to create a comfortable warmth inside, even on colder days. The house is also equipped with baseboard heaters for electrical heating.

From spring to autumn the sun shines nicely on the spacious deck in the early mornings, making it a perfect place to enjoy your breakfast.

There is a phone connection for incoming calls, local calls and Internet access.

  • cottage at Hillside Beach Manitoba Canada
  • cottage at Hillside Beach Manitoba Canada

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer